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Project Flourish

How It Works

Project Flourish is a competition inviting the best kingdom-minded social impact start-ups to pitch to a panel of judges to win proceeds from a pool of $125,000.

The 2024 Project Flourish season is currently on hold, please check back for application dates.

The Process

Phase 1: Apply

Learn more about the process and how to best prepare to apply by joining our Community Learning Series: The Ins and Outs of Applying for Grants and Project Flourish Application Workshop on June 27, 2024.

Phase 2: Screen

Your idea will be screened according to an objective set of criteria, which you can find on the FAQ page. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by September 12, 2024. Semi-finalists will be moved to phase 3.

Phase 3: Navigate

Those accepted (semi-finalists) will be paired up with a Navigator who will serve as your main point of contact and shepherd you, your idea, and your team through the Navigation Phase. There is a mandatory Navigator Meet and Greet on September 14, 2024. In this phase, you, through your Navigator, will have access to Skills Coaches, individuals who have acute domain knowledge and who are willing to provide their support to you at no cost.

There will be mandatory Wednesday night Weekly Lab beginning September 18, 2024. Weekly labs are designed to accelerate and focus your business plan, pitch preparation and you will attend an “Immersion Day” event with other accepted teams and their experience hands-on consulting support, critical pitch help, business and strategy planning assistance, etc. The point of this phase is to prepare you for Pitch Week.

Phase 4: Pitching

Pitch Day will be your opportunity to finally pitch your idea to a group of judges who have the job of awarding funding from a pool of $125,000 to the best pitches and ideas. 

Note: Making it to the pitching round does not guarantee that you will be funded.

Award Recipient 2020, Project One Day
What We're Looking For
  • How does the model have the ability to create a clear social impact?
  • How does the model have gospel-minded implications and impact?
  • How will the impact thesis (theory of change) and the impact be measured (specific outcomes)?
  • How is the model innovative in character?
  • Is there a thorough understanding of the problem being tackled, as well as the landscape of others working on the same issues?
What You Will Get
  • A chance at receiving an award from a pool of $125,000
  • Business assessment and development tools, business education seminars, pairing with a relevant business advisor (Navigator) and access to Skills Coaches
  • Prayer Partner support
  • Business plan development and pitch practice
  • Labs designed to facilitate community, fellowship and the integration of your venture and faith
  • Community and networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs
  • Potential partnership possibilities with First Presbyterian Church of Houston
Award Recipient 2020, Small Places
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