Small Group Guides


In this study, we’ll learn to see God’s greater story in the story of Jonah and in how we can relate to this prodigal prophet ourselves. How many of us have felt like running from God, like everything is going better for everyone else, or that life has tossed us overboard?

Journey to Jerusalem

Through the writings of Matthew, Luke, and Paul, Pastor Bronzan will guide us each week as we focus our hearts and minds on Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and gift. 

The Prayer Course

Worshipping While We Wait

During Advent, we look back to the first coming of Christ while also looking forward to the second coming of Christ. In God’s grand story of redemption, today we live in the in-between and the now-but-not yet. We remember that Jesus, who was faithful to fulfill the promises of God in His first coming, will be faithful to return and complete the promises of God.


Over and over in Scripture we are called to imitate Christ, whether it is Paul’s exhortation in 1 Corinthians (11:1) or Christ’s own call to love as he loved us (John 13:34) or serve others as he came to serve us (Matthew 25:25-28). But how do we grow to become a little more like Jesus each day?


What does God teach us about himself through the wonders of creation? How do the lives of the people he fashioned glorify him and further his eternal purposes? In this six-session series, pastor Charlie Dates offers a big-picture view of the foundational book of Genesis, exploring the splendor of creation and the significance of God’s work in the lives of flawed yet faithful men and women. And while it tells of fascinating people experiencing transformational events, Genesis continually points us back to their God and ours, the Creator.

Surprised by Hope

Many Christians believe our future in heaven is all that really matters. But that’s not what the Bible teaches. In this six-session small group Bible study (guide sold separately), premier Bible scholar N. T. Wright brings you inside the Scriptures to grasp the full, breathtaking hope Jesus offers the world, and its impact on your life today. Gain an exciting new vision for your life on earth in light of your future in heaven. Wonderful as is the promise of heaven, a glorious hereafter is just part of what salvation is about.

Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark chronicles Jesus’s journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. Along the way, the Messiah gathers a ragged band of disciples. As crowds grow and dwindle on the road to Jerusalem, only a few stick by the Suffering Savior on the road of discipleship.

Songs of Advent

Advent is a time to reflect on the great promises of the Gospel and prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior. This year, we enter into the promises of God’s history of redemption as proclaimed in Biblical Songs of praise and thanksgiving throughout scripture, called Canticles, through our series: Songs of Advent. Lift your voice alongside Isaiah, Zecharaiah, Mary, and more to glorify God for the story of hope that Advent celebrates. 

An Invitation to a Journey

In this series, we will look at a passage in Paul’s letter to the Colossians (3:1-17) that describes several ways in which we are to “set our hearts on things above” and in the process learn how to imitate the example and life of our Lord and Savior.  Each week we’ll take an in-depth look at a specific character trait of Christ (such as his humility) – supplementing the text from Colossians with specific examples from the gospels.